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Perpetual Garden Maintenance

Since our inception in May 2007 we have cared for gardens in and around Littlehampton, Arundel, Rustington and East Preston all of our customers are long term clients including local corporate charities, hotel chains, private managed estates, and local residents.

What do we offer?

Perpetual Garden Maintenance offer a garden maintenance service dedicated to your garden. We provide year round care, with an agreed upon set of hours on a weekly basis for a flat fee, paid monthly.

What does a typical schedule include?

Look out of your window at your garden. What you see is what we maintain, if its in the garden we will look after it. Where specialists are required, ie a tree surgeons, builders, we discuss and supply as required.

What does it cost?

Each garden is different and requires different hours per week, but a basic two hour minimum visit would be £200.00 *not including green waste. Payments are invoiced and paid monthly via bank transer, or card. Cheques are no longer accepted.