Simon started Perpetual Garden Maintenance in April 2007 as a jobbing gardener and carrying out seasonal  one off clearances in a day and hedge trims, Fencing and laying patios and carrying out softscapes. The portfolio continued to expand and in 2009 Sam was recruited to work and train with Simon as Customers were requesting all year round garden maintenance with set weekly hours, Eventually something had to give....(Simon's winters off, mainly!)

In 2010 Perpetual Garden Maintenance started working exclusively in all year round weekly situations concentrating on Garden Maintenance, whilst also providing that customer our fencing experience and our softscape services, if required. This has continued to this very day, indeed, Simon still does many of his original clients from 2007.

To cater to our work load Sam was sent out in his own vehicle to represent Perpetual Garden Maintenance with his own "round of customers" in 2012, something he still does to this day.

In 2021 we still try our hardest to please our customers, which includes a Hotel Chain,  A Corporate Charity, Management companies, and lots of Residential with larger homes requiring four hours maintenance a week.........look out for 2022 more large plans in the offing.